How to access and use coursework feedback

Issue date: 21 January 2016

We've had comments that some of you are not clear on how to access feedback on marked coursework. So here's how!

Types of feedback

Once you've received your mark on myUWE, you'll be given feedback from the marker in one of these ways (depending on the type of coursework you submitted):

  • Blackboard (there are times you may need to view Blackboard feedback on a computer rather than a mobile device to see all the comments)
  • An annotated assignment (which you collect from your coursework collection point)
  • A feedback sheet (which you collect from your coursework collection point)
  • In-class comments
  • An e-mail (to your UWE email address)

Campus coursework collection points

CampusLocationOpening Hours
FrenchayA Block Coursework HubMonday-Friday 09:00-17:00
(16:30 Fridays)
Glenside2B24Monday-Friday 09:00-17:00
(16:30 Fridays)
BowerOC49Monday-Friday 09:00-17:00
(16:30 Fridays)
Arnolfini4AF09Monday-Friday 09:00-17:00
GloucesterInformation PointMonday-Friday 09:00-17:00

Make the most of your feedback

The feedback academics provide is there to help you reflect on what you've submitted and to help you with future assignments.

When you've received it, have a think about what are you doing well, what are you not doing so well, what you need to work on and how you can improve.

If any of the feedback you receive is unclear, just get in contact with your module leader.

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