Animation graduate 'Kick-Starts' Bertram Fiddle episode 2

Issue date: 03 November 2015

Seb Burnett, who studied for his MA in Animation at UWE Bristol, is currently drumming up support and finances for the second instalment of the award winning Bertram Fiddle 'point and click' adventure game.

The Adventures of Bertram Fiddle is a traditional 2D point and click adventure game that mixes the classic formula – finding clues, interacting with characters and surroundings - with riveting action elements. Produced by Rumpus Animation, the first instalment - 'A Dreadly Business' - was a darkly comic, murder mystery, which saw the titular character track 'Geoff the Murderer' through the streets of Victorian London, accompanied by his loyal man-servant, Gavin.

The game won the 'Best Narrative Award' at the Tokyo Indie Fest and received very positive reviews, from bastions of the games industry such as IGN and Indie Games.

Now Seb wants to move the story along, and embark on the next episode 'Bertram Fiddle: A Bleaker Predicklemt'.

Seb says, “The main project I worked on whilst studying at the University was a short film about a hapless explorer called Bertram Fiddle, who has since developed into the main character featured in our games.

“It was through my MA in Animation that I met other people working in the industry in Bristol and was introduced to Louis Jones who does the voice of Bertram Fiddle, who is also the voice of Timmy the Sheep in Aardman's Timmy Time. Through mutual connections I met Joe Wood an animator and we set up our own studio, Rumpus Animation in 2011.

“We now regularly give talks to the current crop of students on the Animation course at UWE Bristol and have 2 recent graduates from that course working for us. We're very glad to be part of the creative community in Bristol and think the quality of students coming out of Bower Ashton is exceptional.

We are trying to crowd fund this episode so we can continue making more adventures and grow our studio so that one day everyone will want to take part in a Bertram Fiddle adventure!”

For more information on the project please visit the Bertram Fiddle homepage or the Kickstarter page directly.

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