Science for Environment Policy News Service releases special issue on 'Migration in Response to Environmental Change'

Issue date: 01 October 2015

An international environmental news and information service based at UWE Bristol called, Science for Environment Policy (SfEP) has just released a timely report on Migration in response to environmental change.

The special issue examines the causes of environmental migration and identifies policy options for Europe in dealing with forced and voluntary relocations. Its sources examine the current state of human rights for environmental migrants and how much evidence currently exists for particular courses of action at local and regional levels. The research collated here suggests that the concerns of vulnerable social groups should be at the centre of future migration policy; the need for a structured and managed approach is particularly highlighted by the current migration crisis facing the EU.

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Other recent publications include a special issue Exploring the links between Energy Efficiency and Resource Efficiency, and an in-depth report on Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity.

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