Issue date: 27 February 2003

ISSUE DATE: 27/02/03
Tuesday 4 March 4.30pm to 7.30pm – Watershed (cinema2)

Media and design students from the University of the West of England will showcase project work produced during the Graduate Placement Scheme 2001/2002 that involved twelve media companies at a special exhibition at Watershed Media Centre on Tuesday 4 March.

Funded by the Regional Development Agency and managed by the University of the West of England in association with South West Screen, the aim of the scheme was to provide a unique opportunity for talented UWE students to work within interactive media companies for a period of three months.

Sophie Harbour, Placement Co-ordinator said, “The project was intended as a tool for both graduates and companies to explore new ways of producing media content. A key feature of the project was the development of an ongoing partnership between industry and education. By forging stronger project based links it is hoped to retain more young talented practitioners and increase employment opportunities in the south west of England. Two companies involved in the scheme, 3SIXTY Internet Ltd and Juniperblue Ltd, both Bristol based media design agencies, were so pleased with their placement students that they offered them full time jobs following the placements completion.”

Matt French was studying towards an MA in Digital Media whilst he worked on placement at 3SIXTY Internet, a company specialising in creating websites to market companies online. Matt was set the task of creating a professional laptop presentation to showcase the company’s existing portfolio of work.

Director Chris Thurling said, “We had a clear idea of the kind of person we were looking for and we interviewed several students before selecting Matt. He has far exceeded our expectations and the aims of the project were definitely achieved. We have since offered Matt a position with the company – the beauty of this scheme is that it has given us the chance to ‘test out’ a prospective employee who has more than met with our needs and expectations. When you are running a small business there is always an element of risk with taking on someone new – this scheme gave us the luxury of a three month period trial period which I’m happy to say has paid off.”

Matt French said, “The project set was very interesting. I had to develop an interactive CD that showcased the portfolios and generic credentials pitch for 3SIXTY. This involved producing integrated sound and video clips. I also helped with a sales presentation for General Electric, page-imaging design for a website for William Golding and the design of a website for Edgecombe Consulting. The project was a brilliant introduction to real working and I’m really pleased that I was offered a job at the end of the placement.”

Richard Moore, Managing Director of Juniperblue, was equally impressed with the standard of work from placement student Alfredo Dingle (Jay), a recent Graphic Design student. He said, “The project was enormously successful and Jay’s impressive skills proved invaluable. Normally we would not take on a graduate in this way but we are so impressed with Jay’s ability and professional attitude that we have offered him a permanent position in the company.”

Jay was set the task of producing a promo for a project entitled ‘gallery builder’. Jay said, “The project involved producing highly accurate 3D models and environments using computer aided design and digital imaging techniques. The promo was designed to promote the Gallery Builder application and give prospective clients an overview of its function and capabilities – mainly designing a virtual gallery and populating it with digital artworks. This fed into an ongoing project based on modelling sculptural artworks in 3D for the Tate such as Henry Moore’s ‘Recumbent Figure’. I’m really happy to be offered permanent work – the placement scheme has more than paid off for me.”


Editor’s notes

The following companies also took part in the Graduate Placement Scheme:

Clementine (Director – James Bromley)
GE Media (Director – Nicky Brown)
Clear Blue Sky Interactive (Director – Ted Fitzgerald)
Rubberductions (Creative Director - Matt Smith)
Big Squid (Director – Richard Higgs)
3Sixty (Director – Chris Thurling)
Available Light Ltd (Director – David Parker)
Alastair Sawday Publishing (Director - Alastair Sawday)
Watershed (Director - Dick Penny)
DMS Cad (Director – Peter Sharpe)
Juniperblue (Director – Richard Moore)
Skyrock (Director Dominic Elson)

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