Nursing student to attend Global Village for Future Leaders

Issue date: 16 July 2015

Julie flying the Union Jack in the middle of two other international students

Julie Pei, a nursing student at UWE Bristol, has recently won a place on the prestigious 'Global Village for Future Leaders' programme, held each year at Lehigh University in the United States.

The acclaimed course, which runs for five weeks, sees over 100 students from over 45 countries gather on the University's campus to develop their leadership, management and entrepreneurial skills, as part of a multi-cultural and multi-national cohort.

Julie came to the UK at the age of seven and began learning English as part of her schooling, but by the age of 16 she was living in a hostel for homeless young people in Bristol. Whilst there, Julie was encouraged to apply for the Bristol Leadership Programme run by Marvin Rees, was subsequently accepted, and started on a path that would lead her to attend UWE Bristol.

Julie is currently in the final year of her three yearAdult Nursing degree at UWE Bristol. As part of her second year, in between studying and working 12 hour shifts, as part of her nursing placement, Julie joined theVice-Chancellor's Student Leadership Programme. Julie led a team of students from across the University in designing and delivering a Master Class on 'The Wisdom of the Masai for Leadership' attended by Vice-Chancellor, Steve West, which raised money for children in a poor village in Tanzania.

Julie says, “The VC's Leadership Programme made me reflect, and learn a lot about myself and consequently I have a better understanding of who I am and what I hope to achieve. Working as part of a team you have to make compromises as an individual in order to meet shared goals and objectives; this, in turn, gives you another take on yourself.”

As a result of Julie's outstanding dedication to helping others and the clear demonstration of her leadership skills, the Vice-Chancellors' Student Leadership Programme Team put Julie forward to attend the programme at Lehigh University.

Julie gained a highly prized place, representing the UK, and has subsequently been offered a significant bursary from the institution as well as sponsorship from the Professional Executive Development, within the University's Business School and the Faculty of Health and Applied Sciences, Nursing and Midwifery.

Julie continues, “I have thought about what kind of leader I might want to be, what to expect from working in a team and that you can only be as good and successful as your team is. I learned from the Bristol, and Vice-Chancellors, Leadership Programmes that everyone is human. My confidence has grown as a result. I am so glad I joined them both, they changed me a lot.”

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