UWE Bristol alumni create app to help you decide who to vote for

Issue date: 29 April 2015

Two alumni from the University of the West of England, (UWE Bristol), have created an app called 'Hive politics' that will help people to decide who to vote for during the run up to the general election. Gavin Harris graduated in Computing and IS in 2005 and Leon Bancroft in Law a year earlier.

Gavin Harris explains, “We believe that 'Hive' will help to drag politics into the 21st Century and appeal to people who might be disconnected with politics, feel that all parties are the same or who simply do not understand the political jargon.

“The app takes snippets of manifestos from all main parties and explains what it means in plain English. The party logos are deliberately hidden so that people are encouraged to focus on policy rather than party. It means a hippy might like a UKIP statement or vice versa – we have already found that this has caused a stir with friends! We then show in real time what party is most suited to each individual based on the policy ideas that they agree with.”

Hive allows people to like or dislike political statements, from all major parties across UK, and then see a breakdown of party results, and who they should vote for. Users can filter by topic and by opinion type. This means that if someone has a special interest in one area like health or education they can use results to inform their voting decision.

Gavin believes that the app has the power to help politicians to shape their future policies. He said “Our partners will be the party themselves; using our real-time results to shape their future policies as well as those on a daily basis. We are the voice of the people.”

Although there are a few election orientated apps the developers believe that 'Hive' is unique because the focus is on policies straight from the party manifestos and users are not told the party until they say answer.

Gavin continues, “By avoiding bias we believe that this approach is unique, we also target all age groups, focus on user experience and explain the political jargon so our user base is growing very quickly.”

The app has been designed in such a way that it can be adapted to cover local elections, European and mayor elections within the UK and the team also plans to target elections overseas.

We share results with parties and media and we hope party policy will be shaped by the popular statements.

To use Hive go to http://www.hiveapp.uk/

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