Marketing research seeks to impact the 'client agency' working relationship

Issue date: 03 September 2014

Workshop for clients on getting more out of creative agencies

24 September 2014, 9:00-13:00, Paintworks, Bristol

For more information please visit the Chartered Institute of Marketing

Research conducted by UWE Bristol academics into the relationship between clients and creative agencies has resulted in a series of workshop events designed to examine and improve the fundamentals of the working partnership.

Using qualitative and collaborative research methods, Professor Tim Hughes and Dr Mario Vafeas of the University's Applied Marketing Group explored the relationship and dynamic across a broad range of agencies and clients. In collaboration with Bristol Media and the Chartered Institute of Marketing, a series of three workshops were then designed based on the findings, to cater specifically to the needs of both parties.

The first event, run by Bristol Media and held at the Paintworks studios on 16 July, was open to creative agencies across the South West and was attended by 56 delegates. Attendees explored the expectations of the client-agency relationship, examined the perception of each other's skills and knowledge, before taking part in a discussion on the process of working together.

In addition to the presentation of the research findings, delegates also worked in groups, discussing the results, and contributed their own thoughts and experiences.

The second workshop, which takes place on 24 September, will be for clients and will be followed up by a third event on 28 October, which will bring together agencies and clients to consider how to work together for maximum effectiveness.

Dr Mario Vafeas says, “Any marketer who works with an external creative agency or in-house creative studio will benefit from attending the workshops. The research results have given us a great deal of insight into how agency personnel (both client services and creative staff) feel about their working relationships with clients. Marketers will come away from the workshop with a clearer picture of how to improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and overall 'climate' of their relationships with agencies.”

Professor Tim Hughes says, “The Applied Marketing Group is all about conducting research that is useful and important to marketing and communication professionals working in the real world. This series of workshops provides an opportunity to work with practitioners and make an impact.”

To book a place on the workshop please visit the Chartered Institute of Marketing course page.

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