Clearing is changing, says UWE Bristol admissions chief

Issue date: 11 August 2014

Portrait of Jo Midgely, Director of Student and Partnerships Services, against a white background.

Clearing is changing and begins much earlier than it used to, according to Jo Midgley, Director of Student and Partnerships Services at UWE Bristol.

“UWE gets enquiries from June onwards as students are using it as an opportunity to find a University and a course which truly matches their ambitions and career aspirations. Students contacting UWE are well researched and keen to find courses which combine real academic underpinning with experience and practice as they believe this will provide them with the best opportunity to find the jobs they want after graduation,” she said.

Jo sees that students coming through Clearing are increasingly interested in their employment options, and what their experience will be like on a course. They ask questions such as, “If I get in, what will it be like? Where will it take me?”

In general, Jo says that increased fees are making students think more about employability and student experience.

“Students used to want just to go to University and do a degree, and did not mind so much where or what that was. Now they are more focussed.

“The challenge for students who are yet to find the right place is that there are fewer available as more and more students seek to improve their prospects by investing in degree study. UWE has half the number of places available in Clearing this year than last and the trend is that the number of available places continues to decrease.

“I would recommend that students call as soon as they have their A level results and we will try to help find the right course for them. It is really important that students do not just take the first course offered but they take time to ensure that the course and the University they choose is right for them and will help them to achieve their ambitions.

“Recent HESA figures show that UWE is the seventh best University in England for employment. This record on employability means that a degree from UWE really helps students fulfil their career aspirations.”

The University is offering places in areas where employers have skills shortages – such as the NHS (courses in Radiotherapy and Oncology, and Healthcare Science); GKN, Airbus and Rolls Royce (courses in Engineering); the construction industry (Construction courses); Courses in Business and Law to meet skills shortages in the professions; and the Heritage Industry (History with Heritage).

The University is keen to offer extra places in skill shortage areas since they represent good employability and career opportunity for students.

UWE Bristol phone lines will be open from 07.00 on A-level results day - Thursday 14 August - to give advice. Potential students can call +44(0) 117 32 83333 as soon as they get their exam results. Those who already have their exam results can apply now.

UWE has brought together handy hints on how to cope with Clearing in the form of an animated video voiced by UWE students - Top 10 tips for dealing with UCAS Clearing.

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