UWE planners advise the Dutch government

Issue date: 13 June 2014

Janet Askew

Janet Askew and Adam Sheppard, chartered town planners from the Faculty of Environment and Technology, attended a meeting in The Hague to advise the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment about methods of capturing value from land development.

Since 1932, Britain has led the way in devising ways of recovering costs for the provision of public infrastructure and other facilities, including affordable housing. In 2010, a new law, known as the Community Infrastructure Levy was implemented in England, and it is this that the Dutch government is interested in.

Askew and Sheppard were brought to the attention of the Dutch ministry through their research into development management and regulatory regimes. The Dutch parliament is discussing the matter, as it attempts, in a recession, to work out ways of paying for vital public infrastructure. It is early days yet for the new levy, and Askew and Sheppard will be watching with interest how it evolves in England, and the extent to which the Dutch will adopt these British principles.

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