UWE Bristol Creative Industries Degree Show 2014

Issue date: 04 June 2014

Over 500 Art, Design and Media graduates will showcase their final pieces of work at this year's UWE Bristol Creative Industries Degree Show. The show is being held at the Bower Ashton Campus, near Ashton Court, and at Spike Island in South Bristol from Saturday 7 June to Thursday 12 June 2014. Admission is free.

The show will highlight and celebrate the work of the next generation of creative professionals from UWE Bristol. Work on display comes from a huge variety of undergraduate and postgraduate courses including: Animation, Art and Media Design by Project, Art and Visual Culture, Drawing and Applied Arts, Fashion, Fine Art, Filmmaking and Creative Media, Graphic Design, Illustration, Journalism, Photography and Multi-disciplinary Printmaking.

Mandy Ure, Acting Head of Creative Industries, says, “The Degree Show marks the culmination of study, making, networking and professional development and is an important launchpad for our students into the world of the creative industries. We have many professional partnerships across the Department, with organisations such as the BBC and Aardman, and our accent on practice-based production and professional focus gives our graduates the very best chance of realising their ambitions. We are all extremely proud of the students' hard work and look forward with anticipation to following their success in the future.”

Many talented Graphic Design students will be displaying their work. One of them is Will Mower, who was recently commended at the Royal Society of Art Student Design Awards for his Update your Mood clock design. Update your Mood, is a real-time clock installation that helps to brighten people's days by reminding them that other people have bad days too. Will used public interaction to research the project and impressed the judges with his innovative design that hit the brief of “A way for people to increase everyday behaviours that build mental well-being.”

Graphic Arts Masters graduate, Efisio Nicolo Sabiucciu, recently won a prestigious competition to design the front cover of the fiftieth edition of architecture magazine, Mark . The successful designer, known as Nico, is originally from Italy and studied Industrial Design at the University of Naples before undertaking his Masters at UWE Bristol. Programme leader Stephen Monger said, “We are particularly proud of Nico's ambition this year that has seen him collaborating with professionals in London, Berlin and Milan, submitting proposals to the Istanbul Design Biennial, and now winning this prestigious design competition.”

The ever innovative Fashion students will be exhibiting their work. Amongst them is Nia Samuel-Johnson, a multi-disciplinary artist, whose work encompasses creative direction, set design, styling and photography. Nia designed and painted the Paisley Gromit during last year's Gromit Unleashed trail, and has produced a fashion film showcasing the outfits of every fashion designer on the course. She says, “My provocative imagery crosses the boundaries of fashion and art, often using a surreal, whimsical style to mask an obscure narrative. A bold, playful aesthetic runs through my work, often with a use of vivid colour or surface pattern.”

International Student Street Photographer of the Year, Cian Oba-Smith, shot for Vice and Trip magazine in 2014. Image making forms a part of Cian's daily life and is informed by instantaneous encounters and moments with strangers and close friends alike. He says, “My work is often centred on the personal aspects of life and those around me. Although I would not want to restrict myself to one genre of photography, the majority of my work falls into the realm of documentary portraiture. The process is, however, often that of a fine art photographer, in the sense that I enjoy making pictures slowly and communicating a narrative through the use of visual imagery.”

The diversity of work on display within Multi-disciplinary Printmaking is vast, and a testament to the programme's title. One of the MA students exhibiting is Nicola Gissing, an artist, photographer and illustrator. Nicola has worked extensively with design agencies producing commissioned print illustrations for major clients and large-scale photographic artworks for building interiors. Her photographic work explores the ephemeral beauty of the world around her, seen in the textures and interplay of light and shadow of a scrap metal still-life, the sensual and abstract quality of flowers, and the changing moods of post-industrial landscapes. She says, "I am in essence a magpie, stealing beauty from the vast nest of the world we inhabit."

Media Culture and Practice student Sayra Guelsen's photographic series depicts the inner fears of her subjects via the shadows that they cast. In 'Run For Your Life', the jogger's 'doppelgänger' is his fear of ageing. She says, “I asked my subjects what their worst fears were, which are then staged for the camera. I deliberately selected anxieties that are of a larger concern in contemporary life. I am Greek / German and have experienced a lot of different cultures myself and met so many different people of different social classes teaching languages at a high-school in South Africa. Getting to know diverse groups of people across the world made me wonder what they are afraid of in life.”

Sophie Tran studied for her BA in Animation at UWE Bristol, before embarking on a part time Masters in the same field. Her dissertation film, Unsinkable, depicts her family's decision to leave her native Vietnam and chronicles their epic journey through Asia and subsequent passage to the UK, eventually settling in Tenby. She says, “Over the years, I've come to understand that my fictional stories can, occasionally, be too predictable and lack appropriate emotion. The idea behind my final piece came from the desire to create something that was real and honest; I believe that I have achieved that to my greatest ability.

Drawing and Applied Arts students presenting their work include Cat Macgregor, whose work explores her own questions of our collective future. She says, “Drawings, photography and collected images from a multitude of contemporary and historical sources are used to formulate paintings, which are worked onto a range of found surfaces including wood, canvas and steel. This removal of complete control over images and surfaces reinforces the ambiguous and fractured narrative within the paintings to create a tense uncertain atmosphere, reflective of the feelings and concerns of what lies ahead.”

For those considering undergraduate study at UWE Bristol, the Degree Show will be open as part of Undergraduate Open Day on Saturday 7 June. Prospective students will have the opportunity to view the show, tour the Bower Ashton campus and Spike Island, and talk informally to current students.

A selection of students' work can be viewed by visiting the UWE Bristol News Flickr pages, or visit the UWE Bristol Pinterest pages for an overview of the whole show. For a list of all the degree shows please visit the UWE Bristol 'What's On' pages.

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