Madge Dresser to join immigration debate at Brighton Festival

Issue date: 08 May 2014

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Migration is one of the most important issues affecting the world today. Yet conversations around the subject often go no further than whether the UK has too many or too few immigrants.

On Saturday 17 May at 8pm, an immigration debate will take place at the Brighton Dome Concert Hall, as part of Brighton Festival 2014 - a three week celebration of arts and culture that spans music, theatre, dance, visual art, film, literature and debate from a wide range of national and international companies and artists.

A World on the Move: the long view of migration, will be chaired by writer and broadcaster Simon Fanshawe, and includes The Times columnist and author David Aaranovitch; the former chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission Trevor Phillips; Director of the Sussex Centre for Migration Research Professor Paul Statham; and the UWE Bristol historian and slavery expert Dr Madge Dresser amongst its panel. The event aims to offer a broader perspective into immigration, looking at what has driven migration historically as well as examining the forces that will drive it in the future.

Dr Dresser, says, “Immigration is such a politically charged subject that is fantastic to have a real opportunity to debate it in a considered and relevant way.”

This year's Brighton Festival runs from 3 - 25 May, holds in store 448 performances and 147 events in 34 venues across the city. In total there will be 37 premieres, exclusives and co-commissions and 26 free events.

For more information please visit the Brighton Festival webpage.

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