Crisis, what crisis? UWE hosts debate on meaning of Europe

Issue date: 07 May 2014

EU flag

A free event to debate important questions on the role of Europe is being held in Bristol ahead of the European Parliamentary elections. The event will take place at the Watershed on 9 May from 18:30 to 20:00.

Senior lecturer in philosophy Darian Meacham from UWE Bristol is organising the debate and says, “Everywhere today we hear the refrain that Europe is in crisis: economic, social, political, and environmental. But there is no consensus on what defines this crisis. Even the meaning of the subject, 'Europe', is a matter of contention.

“As the continent prepares to elect a new European Parliament which will contain more Eurosceptics than ever before, and the UK considers its future within the European Union, glaring questions remain: What is the meaning of Europe? What is Europe for? What should it do? And is the EU in its current incarnation fulfilling it role and responsibilities to the citizens of Europe?

“The Czech ambassador to the UK, writer and former dissident Michael Žantovský will be joined by a panel of philosophers and political activists to attempt an answer. We hope for a lively debate, so audience participation is a must.”

Other panellists include Teresa Pullano and Anya Topolski. The event is part of a two-day international conference on 'Europe, The Very Idea' hosted by UWE Philosophy and the Royal Institute of Philosophy.

The event is free of charge – please register here through the Bristol Festival of Ideas.

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