UWE Bristol gets set for Bristol Food Connections

Issue date: 01 May 2014

From creating the sound and smell of food, to capturing the way we eat through photography and sharing stories of how communities are united through food; UWE Bristol students and staff are set to play a key role in Bristol's ground breaking city-wide food event - Bristol Food Connections (1-11 May).

Bristol Food Connections is a unique city-wide food festival bringing together the many vibrant food cultures and communities, the business, culture and education sectors to inspire people to celebrate and engage with good food.

Starting on 1 May, this 11 day festival will see Bristol's food culture celebrated through over 100 events across the city.

UWE Bristol has been working closely with key partner, the BBC to deliver a host of fun, hands-on and educational events for all the family to enjoy.

From the Bristol waterfront, 'BBC at Bristol Food Connections' will run across both festival weekends and will host demonstrations and learning sessions for Bristol's primary schools and families. There will be five main tents: a 500-seat 'BBC Stars' Kitchen'; 'The Taste Zone'; 'The Food Lab'; 'The Sports Pitch' and The BBC Shows & Radio Tent.

Activities include:

How do we taste our food? Find out more in the 'The Taste Zone' tent. Join a team of scientists and science communication students from Biological, Biomedical and Analytical Sciences in the Smell Lab.

Led by Dr Peter Spencer-Phillips (Academic Director International and Research), the team will demonstrate how smell is a large component of taste and explore different aspects of the science of aroma. Flavour chemists will be demonstrating aromatics with exciting smells in jars. The audience will be challenged to guess and vote on the smells or see what happens to the taste if they block their noses.

'The Good, The Bad and The Ugly' will highlight the dangers of food going off and explain what happens when the food starts to rot. A 'super nose' sensor machine will detect tiny molecules emitted from rotting organic material. The sensor has been developed by UWE Bristol scientists to help prevent food waste.

Find out more about The Sound of Food with senior lecturer and professional sound engineer Martyn Harries and UWE Bristol Music Technology students. Using a Raspberry Pi and colour coded arcade buttons; the team have created a series of sound recordings such as sound effects associated with food and cooking, or conversations around the dinner table which will be turned into fun audio quizzes to engage the whole family.

Do you have a food related story to share? The students will be recording vox pops throughout the festival to upload to the audio station.

Over at the 'The Sports Pitch', The Centre for Sport's registered sports nutritionist Jacky Bretherton will be on hand to talk to visitors about physical activity, sports and healthy food options.

The University's Social Science in the City hosts The Food that Connects Us All (2 May) an informal evening of story-telling about the food that connects us all as human beings. The audience are invited to bring poetry, prose, images, or just to come along and share their experience and thoughts of how growing, preparing or sharing food enriches our relationship with the society around us, helping us find our own place in the world.

The themes of identity, belonging, human rights of migrant workers and refugees through the stories of food will also be explored. A short documentary The Gardens of St George about an asylum seekers' allotment project in the St George area of Bristol will be screened.

After the screening join in the conversation with senior lecturer and filmmaker Alistair Oldham and Christien van der Anker, professor of human rights at UWE Bristol. They will be joined by some of the film's protagonists and members of Bristol's vibrant communities.

Please send your stories, recipes or any poetry tossc@uwe.ac.uk.

The Food that Connects Us All, 2 May 2014, 18:30-20:30, Arnolfini, Bristol

Tickets for this event are free but places are limited. Register for tickets here

The Way We Eat (1-11 May) BA Hons Photography students will be taking a series of photographs in domestic settings and public spaces which will investigate and celebrate heritage and culture, whist challenging assumptions about food wealth and poverty.

This is a student-led photo-documentary project exploring the different ways "we" eat around the city - across different communities, ages and demographic groups and looking at the grittier, darker sides of city's food supply and waste.

Some of the students' work has already been used for the Bristol Food Connections publicity in the run-up to the festival. An exhibition of selected images will be displayed in the ground floor space at At-Bristol during the festival dates, 1 - 11 May.

Reportage drawing - look out for BA Hons Illustration students who will be taking on this challenging form of illustration to work as visual journalists, using the process of live scribing to capture all the events' festivities. Throughout the festival, there will be an evolving display of the illustrations on a live drawing wall.

There are also opportunities for students to gain valuable work experience during the festival.

Music technology students will be placed with BBC Radio hub to assist on network programmes throughout the festival. A team of students from the Department of Arts and Cultural Industries will be working as social media reporters with the BBC Social Media team producing previews and reviews of BFC events, writing blogs and social media commentary.

MSc Events Management students are also volunteering at Eat Drink Bristol fashion, a pop-up tipi festival in Queens Square (1-18 May).

UWE Bristol Vice-Chancellor, Professor Steve West, said, “UWE Bristol prides itself in being an active part of the local community, it's great to see so many staff and students volunteers participating at this inaugural Bristol Food Connections event in such a diverse way. It's a brilliant opportunity for new audiences to find out what the University is about, to showcase our excellent research and teaching and for our students to gain invaluable real world experience through the volunteering opportunities with the BBC and other festival partners.”

Other partners include restaurants and food businesses across the city, University of Bristol, At-Bristol, Bristol Pound, Slow Food International, Bristol City Council and the Bristol Food Network.

To see the full programme of events see the 'What's on' section at www.bristolfoodconnections.com.

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