Issue date: 07 November 2002

A string of promotions for Community Safety graduates from the University of the West of England is proof that this certified course is delivering what employers need. The first cohort of students, graduating with M.A’s in Community Safety and Crime Prevention, will be attending the award ceremony on Friday 15 November at 2.45pm at Bristol Cathedral. All students studied part-time by distance learning, whilst working full time.

Yvette Armstrong has secured a great new job working for Nottingham City Council as Assistant Area Co-ordinator for the West Area Committee. She said, “I would not have got this job without doing the Community Safety course at UWE. We didn’t simply focus on community safety – I learned about partnership working and funding regimes, which has proved invaluable in this new post. My work does require knowledge about community safety but I’m involved in regeneration and this includes liaising with local health and education services to improve the community I work with. I cannot praise Henry Shaftoe, the course leader enough – he showed us the wider picture, course material was often brought in from overseas giving us an insight into how other countries deal with safety problems.”

Rene Evans was a Police Constable when she started the course but during that time she retired from the police force and now works as a Community Partnership Officer. “I found the course extremely relevant to my work experience. In terms of distance learning the course worked very well for me. There is a good balance with plenty of contact with lecturers and opportunities to meet other people on the course. I need to work with a variety of agencies and the course provided me with the material to develop this. I am now enthralled with my job in community safety, the course really broadened my horizons and I feel sad that there are no more units to look forward to – it was such a valuable learning experience.”

Stephen Poslethwaite is a Crime Reduction Community Safety Officer with Hampshire Constabulary. He has recently been seconded to a research project, ‘Problem Resolution in multi-agency environments’ (PRIME). “I was asked to become involved in PRIME because of my practical experience in crime prevention. The project work is about developing sustainable solutions to crime and community concerns which requires good partnerships to be built between agencies. The course has built on my practical experience and I feel fully armed to engage in meetings with a wide range of agencies. I feel that I now have a full academic breadth of understanding of partnership working. The course revitalised my lust to learn and it was helpful to study something that is impacting in a positive way on my working life.”

Henry Shaftoe, Award leader and senior lecturer for the Community Safety and Crime Prevention course said, “ I feel proud to have worked with such a committed group of students and I’m delighted that they are all doing so well. In order to make the course relevant to current policy and practice, we have consulted widely and governmental and non-governmental organisations engaged in crime prevention and urban safety, both here and abroad. The achievements of these students, both in successfully graduating and in advancing their careers, is a reassuring confirmation of the value of the course.”


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