New project investigates water issue including flood and drought risk

Issue date: 17 January 2014


Two researchers from UWE Bristol are part of a multi institute team investigating the environmental and social issues connected to water supply and management. Recent extreme storm surge and flooding incidents makes this research timely and relevant to what is happening in the UK now.

Professor Lindsey McEwen and Dr Michael Buser from UWE Bristol are part of a wider team who will work with a range of communities to address intersecting social and environmental challenges including flood risk, drought risk, supply and waste system security, access to water as an amenity and social health benefit, and water based biodiversity/landscape assets.

'Towards Hydro Citizenship - Connecting Communities With and Through Responses to Interdependent, Multiple Water Issues' is funded by Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), Connected Communities, Environments and Sustainability Large Grant and will run for three years from March 2014.

A key part of the research will focus on four large scale case studies of community-water issues. These case studies will be in Bristol, Lee Valley in London, Borth and Tal-y-bont in Mid Wales and Shipley in Bradford.

Professor Lindsey McEwen from UWE Bristol said, “We will be exploring the relationships between water and citizenship working together with artists and communities in Bristol. This builds on the AHRC Multi-story water project that worked with Eastville residents to explore the benefits and challenges of living with the River Frome, by interweaving local river stories with performance theatre. The Bristol team involves collaboration with practising artists, Iain Biggs and Antony Lyons.”

Each case study will be conducted by a local team which includes members of the core academic team working with artists, community activists and selected community partners ranging from small community groups to larger organisations charged with aspects of regeneration and community resilience.

Dr Michael Buser from UWE Bristol said, '”My work cuts across the project as I will be comparing the case studies through the lens of ecological citizenship”.

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