UWE alumni create their own property 'bubble'

Issue date: 04 October 2013

Aidan Rushby and Logan Hall, who both completed an MBA at UWE Bristol, have recently launched their own business; Movebubble.

Movebubble is an online property website that aims to make moving home as easy as possible for all involved. By bringing tenants, landlords and tradespeople together on one website, and allowing them to communicate and interact with each other, Movebubble hopes to provide an alternative to the traditional letting model that will save users considerable time and money.

Once registered, 'renters', 'owners' and 'traders' build up a 'Movebubble profile', through references and reviews, so those in the Movebubble community can see how trustworthy or efficient a 'user' is. The choice of who users rent from and to, as well as contract in to carry out maintenance and repair, subsequently becomes less risky.

Logan Hall, CMO of Movebubble, says, “Movebubble makes moving easy; it's simple. In all we wish to make moving, managing and maintaining properties easier and less costly for all, both locally and around the world. The current, traditional model is archaic and not based on trust and human relationships. We don't even like using the words tenants and landlords, as this implies one is superior to the other, instead we use 'renters' and 'owners'.

“For those looking to rent,” continues Logan, “Movebubble enables people to search for properties in any community or neighborhood, and speak directly with owners to ask questions, or to arrange a viewing. Owners can advertise their properties to local and global markets, and ensure that they have the most likely chance of finding great renters. Whilst tradespeople are able to keep busy with work maintaining properties in their local area. This is all about collaboration and sharing knowledge to achieve the same thing; a safe and secure tenancy.”

Aidan Rushby, CEO of the company, who previously worked as an estate agent, says, “We are starting a movement to change the way that people move home, and are focussed on building great, long-lasting relationships with all stakeholders and commercial partners. We are ensuring that we have open channels of communication with all our valued community, to ensure that we can adapt and offer what the users really want. Moving should be easy and we aim to make it so.“

The Movebubble pre-alpha site launched on Monday 23 September 2013. In the coming months the site will undergo several updates, with a view to running at full functionally early next year.

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