UWE filling Clearing places in record time

Issue date: 16 August 2013

The University of the West of England (UWE Bristol) is filling vacant places in Clearing in record time.

The phone lines opened earlier than usual on Thursday 15 August at 07:00 and 50 admissions staff fielded over 4,000 calls through-out the day from anxious 'A' level students wanting to secure a place at the University. At the beginning of the day there were around 500 places, out of an annual student intake of 5,000, on just a few courses that remained unfilled through the usual application route.

Laura Payne graduated from UWE Bristol in 2010 and is now working in Admissions, she said, “I know exactly how the callers are feeling as I went through this process having initially not got the results I wanted. I decided to retake and reapply but it's different for each applicant. The key is to listen to each caller carefully, to reassure them and then to advise based on what they tell you and what is available.

“There have been some very heart-warming reactions over the past day or two, ranging from someone telling me they loved me, to people screaming with happiness when a place is confirmed. This is my third year working on the Clearing lines and I love it because I really feel that I'm able to help someone at the very start of their journey into Higher Education.”

Jo Midgley, Director of Student and Partnership Services, said, “Employers are crying out for graduates in key sectors where there are shortages of professional staff. We are able to provide a number of places in clearing in many cases supported by employers. The NHS is particularly keen to support students wishing to become health care professionals to help those with learning disabilities and mental health issues.

“As usual it was an overwhelmingly busy day and we needed to ensure that the students calling UWE Bristol were given the best possible service at, what we know is, an emotional and anxious time.

“Bristol is such a great city and UWE Bristol has an amazing reputation for graduate employability – this year just prior to the Clearing deadline we were delighted to see the university mentioned in the Daily Telegraph as one of the top 12 for employment, coming in at number eight.

Professor Steve West, UWE Bristol Vice-Chancellor said, “The team of people who staffed the Clearing lines have done a brilliant job. We are looking forward to meeting all of our new students at our Welcome Weekend that begins on Friday 13 September.”

UWE Clearing helpline 0117 32 83333 for more information about Clearing see web pages

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