UWE Drama Society shakes up Oscar Wilde at Edinburgh

Issue date: 16 August 2013

Improv of Being Earnest Poster

theSpace on North Bridge, Edinburgh, EH1 1SD


21- 24 August 10:30 am £5.00 (£4.00)

The UWE Drama Society will take to the stage at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival from 21-24 August 2013 to perform Oscar Wilde's classic infused with improvisation and parody.

They will put on The Improv of Being Earnest, their version of the renowned Wilde comedy, at theSpace on North Bridge, Edinburgh.

Director Rosie Wake says, “We are taking seven notorious characters and Wilde's well-known witticisms, and putting them at the disposal of a young and vibrant theatre company, a modern audience and some unlikely scenarios.

“UWE Drama Society is infusing Earnest with improv and parody to give the play a shake- up and allow hilarity to ensue.”

This is the fifth time that Drama Soc has taken a play to Edinburgh. The UWE Drama Society is the largest of UWESU's 35 societies with over 95 members from a variety of courses. It has been awarded Society of the Year three times in the last four years.

Rosie continues, “This is third time I have directed a piece for Drama Soc and this project is our greatest challenge to date. Choosing The Improv of Being Earnest was a bold move for the committee as it puts a new twist on an old and very well-known piece.

“It is the original Wilde script with only a slight change in the characters as picked by the audience, such as one performer 'acting as a Time Lord' or another 'thinking they are in an opera.'

“Directing this ever-changing play has needed a lot of preparation which will hopefully go unnoticed, as the project's success will depend much on the Edinburgh audience and the actors themselves. I thank Drama Soc for letting me take the back- seat position so that I can watch it unfurl."

The Drama Society welcomes new members and encourages all who are willing to have a go. It holds weekly workshops aimed at furthering and enhancing students' enjoyment and knowledge of theatre from many different angles, and is open to experienced thespians or people who simply fancy having a go at acting, directing or any of the many technical aspect of theatre.

There are around five performances a year ranging from cabaret and comedy to realism and Shakespeare, as well a wide range of social activities including nights out and theatre trips.

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