Double success as father and daughter graduate from UWE on the same day

Issue date: 19 July 2013

Mark and Daizie

Creative duo Mark Barton and his daughter Daizie will have a double celebration when both graduate this summer from UWE Bristol. They will receive their degree certificates at the same ceremony at Bristol Cathedral on 23 July.

Mark will be awarded an MA in Media: Practice and Culture, while Daizie will graduate with a BA Honours degree in Drama. Mark has achieved his master's degree by studying part-time alongside his day job teaching film production in UWE's Faculty of Creative Industries, Arts and Education.

He said, “I arrived at UWE 18 years ago without a degree, having dropped out of an art course. First, I decided to study part-time for my Bachelor's degree, which took nine years of doing one module per year while working as a film instructor. Having achieved that, I went on to study for a Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education (PGCHE).

“I work with two other senior instructors teaching media who both have Masters degrees – which is quite rare – and this encouraged me to study for one too!”

Mark teaches all aspects of video and film production from storyboarding, lighting, sound recording, cinematography and editing using Premiere and Final Cut Pro. He also uses super 8mm and 16mm film and has an extensive collection of production and projection equipment.

Daizie said, “It is going to be a real family event – I don't know of anyone else who will be graduating at the same time as their dad. I am really proud of him combining studying and working over several years. His example has really helped encourage me with my studies too.

“I enjoyed the challenges of my course, making new friends and how University life has prepared me for a bright future. I would like to work either for a mainstream television company behind the camera or within media marketing, promoting film releases.”

Mark continued, “I am extremely proud of my daughter in obtaining her degree, and very glad she chose not just UWE as her place of study, but also the department of Creative Industries.”

Photo of Mark and Daizie available upon request from the PressOffice@uwe.a.cuk

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