Shifting Gears conference

Issue date: 12 July 2013

The 5th annual ISHE conference took place on July 2nd 2013. Entitled Shifting Gears it brought together 120 movers and shakers from the worlds of transport, public health, sustainability, environmental technology, planning, community development and academia to explore the opportunities and challenges of bringing about a wholesale change in the cycling infrastructure and culture of urban areas.

With engaging keynotes from policy makers, activists and academics, and interactive plenary and parallel sessions Shifting Gears examined:

  • Approaches for catalysing and supporting widescale change in cycling behaviour and culture
  • Trends in British attitudes to cycling, a tracker survey of the GB population - Professor Alan Tapp, Bristol Social Marketing Centre
  • Strategies for infrastructure and technology to effect change
  • The evidence base on the benefits of cycling for health and sustainability and the use of it to good effect
  • The impact of large-scale interventions such as Cycling City and i-Connect

Shifting Gears was sponsored by the Environmental Technologies i-Net and delivered through a collaboration betweeen the Centre for Transport and Society, the Bristol Social Marketing Centre, the WHO Collaborating Centre for Healthy Urban Environments, the Institute for Sustainability, Health and Environment and the Sustainability Team.

View the presentations here.

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