UWE Bristol in top six English Universities for employment of graduates

Issue date: 05 July 2013

The University of the West of England, Bristol (UWE Bristol) is in the top six of English universities for employment of its graduates according to Higher Education Statistics Agency(HESA) figures released last week. The HESA data relates to students who are either employed or who have gone on to further study.

UWE Bristol has been in the top 12 universities on this measure for the last three years.

John Clarke, Director of Student Services explains, “We have seen excellent results for employment of UWE Bristol graduates this year and we are extremely pleased that we are on a par for employment with the University of Bristol.

“I think our emphasis on internships, an area we have worked hard to develop over the past few years, is really beginning to pay dividends in this respect. The UWE graduate internships are a tremendous success story with over 450 businesses taking part in the scheme since 2010 resulting in employment of 862 interns.

Graduates spend two months with a regional employer working on graduate level projects and many are taken on full time when the internship finishes as employers can see tangible benefits to their business.

Over 250 businesses have also engaged with the UWE Undergraduate Internships scheme since 2010 employing 335 interns. 53 of these businesses have engaged in both schemes.

John continues “The great thing about the internships is that we are often able to place our graduates in work areas that relate directly to their degree and also give them a helping hand into industries that can be difficult to get a first foothold into. In this respect we are opening doors to our graduates and we are really proud of this initiative.”

Unemployment among recent UWE Bristol graduates in 2012 fell to 5%. This compares very favourably to the national picture where the Higher Education Statistics Agency have recently announced an unemployment figure of 9% for all UK graduates.

UWE Bristol also has a strong result in professional and managerial employment with 66% of graduates in these categories against a national figure of 64%.

Professor Steve West UWE Bristol Vice-Chancellor, said, “We set ourselves apart by the way we introduce real world experiences to our students in the form of internships, placements and volunteering opportunities. The university also excels in the embedding of live project work into the curriculum in many of the courses we offer. UWE Bristol students learn through these experiences exactly what is expected of them by industry, business and professional partners and this gives them the edge when they apply for work. This experience sets them apart because they can demonstrate proficiency and 'hit the ground running.'”

Nationally students going on to further study still remains a concern. The University is investing in scholarships to support postgraduate study in key skills shortage areas. For further information see details and news release

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