Shifting the gears in favour of a workable cycling infrastructure

Issue date: 27 June 2013

Exhibition and Conference Centre, Frenchay Campus, UWE Bristol 2 July 2013

'Shifting Gears', a major conference on health and cycling will take place at UWE Bristol on Tuesday 2 July 2013 at the Exhibition and Conference Centre.

Influential speakers including Channel 4 news presenter and practising cyclist, Jon Snow; the Head of Traffic Design from the City of Copenhagen, Steffan Rasmussen and experts from universities all over the UK, Sustrans and Bristol City Council will give talks on the benefits of cycling and reflect on research findings and major cycling projects at home in the UK and in Europe.

The conference is a collaboration between researchers in transport, health and social marketing at UWE Bristol.

Professor Gabriel Scally, Director of UWE Bristol's WHO Collaborating Centre said:

“This is going to be a fantastic conference drawing together speakers and researchers from academia and organisations that care about cycling and want to see it taking a central place in future planning decisions.

“As a practicing cyclist I live out my belief that this is the very best form of transport for all the best reasons; it's not just good for your health, your pocket and the environment - it makes you feel energised and more effective at what you do.”

News presenter and Cycle Touring Club president, Jon Snow said:

“I regard the use of a bicycle to go about one's business and pleasure to be a fundamental human right. As humans we should have absolute equality with pedestrians, car drivers or motor-cycle riders. Our hour has come, the scale of cycle use, particularly in our towns and cities now demands provision. I support separated cycle ways, I'm reluctant to accept mere paint on the road.

We need to campaign to get policy makers and transport planners to move towards an integrated transport approach that includes a proper infrastructure to make cycling a safe travel option for all. Other countries have done it so we know it is possible. At a recent 'Get Britain Cycling' inquiry evidence session I said - the politician that takes leadership on cycling and really revolutionises it will leave a legacy for thing that the government could and should do is to make it compulsory for cycling provision to be included on all new planning applications – be it routes or parking hoops.”

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