'Chicken 'n' flicks'

Issue date: 23 April 2013

Maxwell Ball photograph hanging on a gallery wall

A fried chicken takeaway establishment isn't a typical venue for a photography exhibition, but an enterprising UWE Bristol student, Maxwell Ball, is staging a pop-up exhibition in a well-known Bristol takeaway, Miss Millie's on Whiteladies Road. Maxwell originated and curated the exhibition.

The exhibition will feature photographs of three photographers concerned with the overlooked spaces of Bristol's urban environment. The choice of venue reflects the photographers' approach of re-appropriating unused and overlooked spaces to redefine them.

The exhibition takes place at Miss Millie's on Whiteladies Road from 18.00 to 21.00 on Thursday 2 May. There will be free fried chicken for visitors to the exhibition.

Maxwell Ball and Will Tilzey, UWE Bristol students, and Theo Cottle, established Bristol photographer, experimented with displaying their work in this unusual space - using the counter, the walls and menu displays. A large scale work produced from a specially adapted dentist's light box will be used, some work is printed on large scale aluminium panels, and images will also be put in existing poster cases in the shop window as well as being mounted on the walls.

Speaking about the pop-up exhibition Maxwell Ball says, “Our work is all about seeing everyday urban places and the individual in these spaces - people in an atmospheric moment of staged and contemplative time. This is an unexpected place for an exhibition, we thought it would an interesting way of showcasing our work as thematically it aligns with our practices. We are looking forward to the opportunity to show the images we have created in Bristol and talk about our work.”

Theo Cottle is a well-known Bristol street photographer. He documents situations and persons with dramatic quality, showing the social extremes and lifestyles that have given rise to Bristol's liberal attitude. He has had work included in Vice, a life style and trend magazine. He has previously created a series of images within chicken shops.

Will Tilzey's practice is about the exploration, discovery and documentation through photography of hidden or forgotten spaces, which exist behind the walls of everyday life. Capturing them in a way that is as if you are being taken on a journey through them, reliving them and bringing them to the viewer's attention.

Maxwell Ball's work is based on re-appropriating the real and the everyday. It is concerned with creating scenarios, situations with atmosphere and documenting them by creating an almost abstract and highly subjective photographic image.

The student photographers plan to film the set-up of the exhibition and photograph the event as a piece of work in itself.

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