Issue date: 02 July 2002

The new Education Faculty at the UWE's Frenchay Campus is the venue for this year's West of England Schools ICT Conference. This one day event on 4 July, called 'ICT - Meeting the Challenge', is a key annual event for teachers, education advisors, ICT co-ordinators and governors from the region.

ICT (Information Communication Technology) is now a key part of the national curriculum. Dr Gaynor Attwood, Associate Dean of the Faculty of Education, says it is important for teachers to keep up with the latest developments in this area, "Many of the changes in ICT in schools are the result of implementation of government policy, there are also a lot of new initiatives - such as laptops for teachers, the use of the internet in school and training for teachers in ICT for use in the classroom."

But Gaynor says that it is also important for teachers to keep up to date with ICT to make sure they can keep up with their pupils, "We are teaching children who are growing up in a technological age. It is an integral part of their lives and one which can be used for teaching and learning. But it is also important to be able to switch it off - there are times when it is not appropriate to use technology in the classroom. It is all about getting the balance right for our children and their teachers."

Delegates will have the opportunity to sample the Faculty's modern facilities for both trainee and experienced teachers that include a children's library, science labs, design and technology labs, and art rooms. All the lecture rooms have visualisers that can project text-based material, video material or a computer-generated presentation onto a screen - very useful for those working in ICT.

Key speakers include Ken Dyson the Chief Inspector for ICT in schools. His role gives him an overview of ICT in schools as well as first-hand knowledge of all recent inspection reports on ICT in schools. Dominic Savage, the Chief Executive of the British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA), will speak about the 'Curriculum on Line'.

UWE subject experts from the Faculty of Education will also run a number of the workshops at the conference covering subjects such as numeracy, history and the 4 to 7 age group.

Delegates will include past students who are now teaching in the region as well as staff from many of the Faculty's 'Partnership Schools'.


Editor’s notes

UWE is an Accredited Training Provider for NOF ICT training. UWE is training over 5,000 teachers throughout the UK. (see http://pathways.uwe.ac.uk)
(NOF - the New Opportunities Fund - uses Lottery funding to support the development of the effective use of information communication technology in schools.)

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