UWE Sustainable Severn Conference

Issue date: 13 March 2013

ISHE is pleased to announce that UWE will host a ground breaking conference uniting industry and environmentalists in seeking ways to extract energy from the Severn estuary. In April we will be hosting an invitation only event of civic leaders from both sides of the estuary to investigate the potential for power generation. The event is being sponsored by Regen SW, RSPB and Port of Bristol and for those keen to know more has its own website: http://sustainablesevern.co.uk/

Energy and Climate Change Minister Greg Barker said of the Conference:

“It's good to see businesses, the renewable energy sector and environmentalists all working together to explore genuinely sustainable options for harnessing the power of the Severn Estuary. I look forward to hearing about the developments from the conference.”

Tom Appleby of UWE who helped to organise the event said:

“The amazing thing about the Severn is that there is almost too much power contained within the environment. There must be a way of working with nature to make the most of that opportunity, and I feel this conference will be the start of something very special.”

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