Shifting Gears: Making cycling a policy priority for health and sustainability

Issue date: 07 March 2013

Institute for Sustainability, Health and Environment conference

This national one-day conference responds to the new opportunities created by the changing policy landscape for cycling in the UK and the challenge of increasing population levels of physical activity.

It brings together professionals, policy makers and academics to explore the interface between research and the radical shifts in policy, culture and 'infrastructure' provision that are required to support the large-scale uptake of cycling for transport and leisure. By drawing on evidence from research and practice, the conference will explore the benefits of cycling for health and sustainability and the role that public health, built environment and sustainability sectors can play in bringing about wholesale change in the cycling culture of the UK.

Invaluable for: Professionals working in sustainability, public health, planning and transport; academics working in behaviour change, travel mode shift and behavioural influence, and all those engaged in the collaborative effort required to make cycling a UK transport norm.

For further information see: Shifting Gears

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