Secret City sells out screenings

Issue date: 24 January 2013

Secret City Titles

A film by a current lecturer and former professor from UWE Bristol, that lifts the lid on the inner workings of the city of London, has sold out three screenings in Bristol and London.

Secret City was written by Lee Salter, Senior Lecturer in Journalism at UWE, and directed by Michael Channan, Professor of Film and Video at the University of Roehampton. The film uncovers the hidden history of the institutions at the heart of the economic crisis and shines a spot light on the complex relationships between these corporations, the Government, the Monarchy, the Church and Greater London, in terms of the global economy.

Initially released last December and previewed in Parliament before being screened at a range of venues across London, Secret City then sold out both Bristol's Watershed Cinema and London's Frontline Club, receiving widespread recognition and critical praise, with The Independent hailing it an 'acclaimed investigative film'. The film has also received coverage as far afield as Russia, recently appearing on the Russia Today programme, which has fuelled further interest in the documentary.

Writer Lee Salter said of the recent success, "The response has been fantastic so far. We have sold out leading venues in Bristol and London and we are getting requests for screenings from around the country and even overseas. There has been a lot of media interest too. I think it really goes to show what new digital media can enable us to do with a good idea and a lot of resolve. We are currently submitting the film to festivals around the UK, Europe and the US, so we hope that the interest shown at cinema screenings will be matched at the festivals."

The film is currently on a wide spread tour that includes viewings in Nottingham, Manchester, Dublin, Liverpool, Brighton and Oxford with screenings also set to take place in Rome, Glasgow and Brussels.

On the 18 April 2013, Secret City will be screened in Bristol again at the Arnolfini in association with the Bristol Festival of Ideas - see the website for further details.

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