Issue date: 24 May 2002

UWE researcher, Clara Greed, has been invited to the Annual British Toilet Association conference at Stratford on Avon, on 27-28th May. Clara will give the plenary address to 'grow the vision' at the end of the conference to rouse the troops as part of her campaign for better public toilets.

Clara will speak on the importance of maintaining a global vision for public toilet provision arguing that public toilets are a missing link in achieving sustainable and accessible cities for all. Clara will also report back on her membership of the British Standard Institute committee BS6465 which is currently revising public toilet provision standards.

On the way to the conference Clara will meet with council representatives from Reading where the first Urilifts (male only urinals) are being installed. Clara said, “These contraptions are a questionable solution to male street urination and they are discriminatory as no provision is being made for women in the evening. In the day time public toilet provision for women and men, including shoppers, commuters and tourists is woefully inadequate but this is not seen as a 'problem' of equal magnitude to warrant provision.”

The conference will be attended by over 200 delegates representing manufacturers and providers of toilets as well as representatives from a range of user groups including people with disabilities, women's groups, environmentalists and campaigners. Overseas guests from North America, Europe (for example Jaaklo Markkula, City Architect, Helsinki City Council where toilets are taken very seriously) and representatives of the World Toilet Organisation executive from Singapore in the Far East will attend the conference. Speakers will include representatives of the English Tourism Council, the British Tourist Association, Centre for Accessible Environments, Armitage Shanks and Cannon Hygiene - altogether making for a very interesting and lively conference. In the exhibition hall a range of public toilet designs and solutions will be on show along with exhibits from the security, crime prevention, hygiene, cleaning and plumbing industries.

A crew from Carlton television will film at the conference for a new documentary on the demise of public toilet provision. The documentary will be aired later in the year and Clara will appear as a key toilet campaigner.


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