Window onto the world of MSc Sustainable Development in Practice

Issue date: 07 November 2012

A new website will provide a unique window onto to the experiences, activities, ideas and reflections of the students and staff of MSc Sustainable Development in Practice.

Programme Leader Dr. Sarah Hills says:

“Social media is now established as a powerful tool for social and political change. We wanted to give students hands-on experience with tools such as blogging and Twitter and their potential to influence worldviews, policy, debate and hopefully, ultimately, tangible pro-sustainability change.

We want the site to provide a dynamic platform that enables students to communicate about real-world news, events and progress (or lack of) in sustainable development, but also, crucially, enables external practitioners, organisations and communities to engage with us – through their comments about our posts and hopefully through working directly with us on projects and themes that are of relevance to them.”

The blog can be accessed here.

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