Jim Longhurst to Chair the Environment and Global Change Panel

Issue date: 06 November 2012

Jim Longhurst is Chairing the Environment and Global Change Panel as part of the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) 2012 evaluation process. The FCT is the public research-funding agency which selects and distributes research funds for a wide range of scientific fields of research. It places high importance on the international peer-review evaluation process as a critical element to ensure credibility and quality in all its activities.

FCT has established six high-level panels of leading field scientists to take part in the 2012 evaluation process and selection of the best applications.

The Board of Directors of FCT have invited Professor Jim Longhurst to chair the Environment and Global Change panel in the 2012 evaluation process. The Environment and Global Change panel will consider some 335 proposals in four sub themes:

  1. Global Environmental Change
  2. Sustainable Management of Resources
  3. Environmental Technologies
  4. Environmental Modelling and Assessment

For further information on the work of FCT see http://www.fct.pt/

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