Issue date: 16 May 2002

Ann Kennard, a Principal Lecturer from the University of the West of England, is to undertake an unusual 'border trip' with a group of like-minded individuals who share an interest in the borders and frontiers of Europe.

'The Great Eastern European Border Expedition’, 1-8 July, will involve crossing approximately 25 official borders, and cover 8 Eastern European tripoints as well as visiting border areas in Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovenia and Hungary.

The group is international, with individuals from Canada, the US, Austria, the Netherlands, Denmark and Finland. Their interests span both the geographical and the political and the group was formed through contact over the Internet.

Borders, border regions and cross-border co-operation are key areas of Ann Kennard's research*. Ann, who is the only woman taking part in the trip, says, "In recent years changes in Eastern Europe have re-drawn many borders and further changes will occur as new members such as Poland join the EU. The enlargement of the EU is also significant in terms of the 'Schengen' agreement which allows internal movement between EU countries but requires greater security on the external borders of the EU. The UK, Eire and Denmark are not currently part of this agreement."

Ann says there are also economic and social issues related to border regions, "Many border regions are economically deprived and special European funding is made available to improve these areas. Borders are also very significant in terms of dealing with issues such as immigration, drug smuggling and crime."

Ann, who is Head of German at the University of the West of England, is a fluent speaker of Polish, German and French. For further information contact
Editors Notes:

ANN KENNARD, Head of School of German; Principal Lecturer in German,
Faculty of Languages and European Studies, University of the West of England

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