Student Finance hotline at UWE Bristol

Issue date: 17 September 2012

Student Finance Day – 20 September 2012

Video: Check out UWE's Top Tips for Student Finance

UWE Bristol is providing a special hotline on 20 September 2012 -Student Finance Day - for students considering entry to university in autumn 2013. The hotline (0117) 328 1111 is open to all young people wanting to find out more about the costs of going to university, not just those who are applying to UWE Bristol.

The hotline will be staffed by experts who will help the young people, their parents and teachers to understand the sometimes confusing university finance detail on fees, loans, grants and bursaries.

Kate White, Head of Student Services, says “The changes in funding for Higher Education have made studying for a degree a financial decision not to be taken lightly. Applying for a student loan is obviously the first big financial commitment that many young people are faced with and the figures involved can seem daunting.

“We offer support to help young people make wise choices. It is actually far more important that they get the right advice to ensure they make the right choice of course and University. The finance really needs to take a back seat to these considerations as a bad choice could prove to be a very expensive mistake.

“At UWE Bristol we are committed to making a university education available to everyone whatever their financial circumstances. The University is offering 1,000 bursaries worth £3,000 to students from low income families and for the first time rather than simply offering this as a reduction in fees included in this is a £2,000 accommodation voucher.”

Guy Keith-Miller, Head of Post 16 and Adults, Schools and Colleges Partnership Service said, “Initiatives like the hotline are a key component in our strategy to assist our partners in schools and colleges with giving the very best advice to their students, parents/carers and staff. UWE Bristol offers a comprehensive programme of activities for all ages and backgrounds to help support entry into Higher Education and career planning.”

The student finance day hotline is an additional service especially introduced to mark the day on 20 September. In addition to this there is regular student finance hotline (0117)32 85678 staffed every Wednesday to help university applicants during the busy lead up to university application deadlines. Both hotlines are open between 10:00 and 16:00.


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