UWE Bristol students help make 'Life Out There'

Issue date: 10 September 2012

A still from ‘Life Out There’

New drama premiered on Film4 on Monday 10 September

Check out the film trailer and watch the film in full on the BSL Zone Player

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UWE Bristol Filmmaking students have been working alongside professional film makers VS1 Productions on a half hour drama commissioned by British Sign Language Broadcasting Trust. The drama 'Life Out There' was broadcast on Film4 on Monday 10 September at 08:00.

It will also be repeated on The Community Channel on Tuesday 11 September at 14:00, Thursday 13 September at 19:30 and on Saturday 15 September at 07:30.

UWE Bristol Lecturer and filmmaker Abigail Davies, who is the Executive Producer of 'Life Out There' said, “This has been a great opportunity for a group of undergraduates to test their developing skills against the high standards of an industry commission. 'Real world' media experience is invaluable for students learning their technical craft and I am thrilled that VS1 Productions welcomed them with open arms.

“I was delighted with how well the students performed their roles and how hard they worked. They quickly became valued members of the professional crew and have gained their first broadcast credit as a result. It's been an excellent example of the kind of beneficial collaboration UWE seeks to generate for its Filmmaking students.”

The talented crew of students included final year Media Practice students, Josh Kirkcaldy as Camera Assistant and Hannah Cowell as Sound Assistant with major creative input in the post-production phase from Matthew Falconer who undertook the colour grade and designed the VFX and Jammy MacArthur who edited and mixed the Post Production Sound.

Jammy MacArthur said, “Working to a broadcast deadline gave me a great insight into the fast turnaround required by industry. I really enjoyed the creative challenge of designing a 'soundscape' for a film aimed principally at a Deaf audience but which also had to appeal to those that can hear. I got the chance to work closely with the composer who wrote original music for the film and also the experienced on-line editor. This was a fantastic first professional experience for me.”

Also, a recent graduate, Dave Thacker, worked as Boom Operator and Chris Napier, one of UWE's Technical Instructors, has a cameo 'voice-over' role, which he delivers with great aplomb.

All the students gained invaluably from working alongside professional technicians - with the added rare experience of working with deaf actors and production crew - on a fully-funded commission (albeit low budget). UWE has a 'with thanks to' credit to acknowledge the students' contribution.

Director of VS1 Productions, David Ellington said, “We cast some of the students who were studying for their BA in Media Practice and it was a reciprocally beneficial relationship for the Deaf and hearing cast to work alongside and learn from one another. It may have been perceived there would have been some communication difficulties but in fact everything ran smoothly and so the decision to have a mixed crew paid off.”

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