UWE Bristol awards honorary degree to Dr Paul Leinster CBE

Issue date: 24 July 2012

Dr Paul Leinster CBE

UWE Bristol will award the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Science to Dr Paul Leinster CBE in recognition of his leadership role in protecting the environment of England and Wales.

The Honorary Degree will be conferred at the Awards Ceremony of the Faculty of Environment and Technology on Tuesday 24 July at Bristol Cathedral.

Paul has attended schools across the world, in Berlin, Belfast, Edinburgh, Cambridge and Cyprus. He went on to graduate in Chemistry from Imperial College in 1974. He then moved from the Chemistry Department - part of the Royal College of Science - into the Civil Engineering Department – part of the City and Guilds Institute. Paul gained a PhD in Environmental Engineering in 1977. In 1991, he was awarded an MBA from Cranfield School of Management.

Dr Leinster's previous employers include SmithKline Beecham, Schering Agrochemicals and BP International.

In 1998, Dr Leinster joined the Environment Agency as Director of Environmental Protection. From 2004, he was Director of Operations and in 2008 he became the Agency's Chief Executive. The Environment Agency has around 11,500 staff and an annual budget of £1.1 billion. In this role, Dr Leinster has advanced the concept of modern environmental regulation, developing techniques and approaches that have been recognised within government and internationally as cutting edge.

Dr Leinster currently chairs the Heads of European Environment Protection Agencies' Better Regulation Group and has held leading roles in the European and worldwide networks of environmental regulators. Dr Leinster is Chair of the National Drought Group on behalf of the Defra Secretary of State and has been part of the strategic management response to major incidents including the Buncefield fuel storage site fire, a number of large floods and the oil spill from the Braer tanker in the Shetland Islands.

Dr Leinster is also a Visiting Professor at Imperial College, London.

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