UWE hosts breast cancer conference to highlight local and international clinical and service developments

Issue date: 11 June 2012

Friday 15 June 2012 09:00 to 16:00

UWE Exhibition and Conference Centre

Scientists, clinicians and cancer care service providers will present a range of initiatives happening locally and internationally, at a special conference about breast cancer. Breast Cancer- United Care will highlight how co-ordination between services and clinicians is the key to providing the best service to breast cancer patients.

Breast Cancer- United Care is a one day conference on Friday 15 June at UWE Bristol's Exhibition and Conference Centre and is open to the general public as well as people involved in cancer care, cancer research and clinical and surgical developments.

Pat Turton from UWE Bristol is one of the conference organisers; she explains the rationale for the conference, “This is an annual event that we organise for patients, their families, health practitioners, clinicians and scientists to focus on one aspect of cancer with a view to developing understanding. Previous events have included a symposium on prostate cancer and a conference on Men and Cancer.”

Breast Cancer- United Care provides an opportunity for those working in the field to gather and take stock of the many initiatives happening in the region.

Pat Turton continues, “In Bristol we are working towards gradual integration of all of the cancer services centrally. There is strong evidence that centralised services lead to a more skilled workforce and this enables seamless clinical, surgical and after care provision. There is growing concern that despite improvements of survival rates that people do need time to recover from treatment and that an about change in after care is reaping benefits. One example is how follow up appointments with consultants are in some cases being replaced by a group talk and telephone support together with programmes of recovery that might include exercise and diet advice.

“This year we are delighted to welcome Professor Cheng Har Yip from the University of Malaya Medical Centre who will update us on breast cancer in Asia. Breast Cancer is less prevalent in Asia though the rate is increasing due to a more Westernised life style. The Asian diet is low on dairy and high on vegetables and there is research taking place to find out more about the links between different diets and cancer.

“We are also pleased to welcome Professor Jeff Holly from Clinical Sciences, Bristol University who will be speaking on how what we eat may regulate specific molecular pathways that are implicated in breast cancer. Professor Anthony Rhodes, from UWE Bristol will continue on this theme with results from recent research investigating these pathways.”

Other keynote speeches include:

Breast Cancer Epidemiology – implications for public health practice: Dr Nevila Kallfa, Consultant in Public Health, Gloucestershire PCT

Clinical surgical developments in the treatment of Breast Cancer : Mr Simon Cawthorn, Consultant Surgeon, North Bristol Trust

Treatment of Metastatic Breast Cancer: Dr Amit Bahl, Consultant Oncologist, University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust

The changing face of breast care services – local and national perspectives:Dany Bell, Lead Cancer Nurse and Cancer Manager, North Bristol NHS Foundation Trust Jane Barker, Clinical Nurse Specialist, North Bristol NHS Foundation Trust

The Breast Cancer- United Care conference is supported by the Microelectronics iNet, which is part financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the Institute of Bio-Sensing Technology at UWE, Bristol.


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