ISHE reports to Europe on the out-of-balance nitrogen cycle

Issue date: 24 May 2012

If there's a global system more out of balance than the carbon cycle, it's the nitrogen cycle. ISHE has been working with UWE's Science Communication Unit to provide the E.C.'s Environment Directorate-General (usually known as DG Environment) with an in-depth report on nitrogen pollution. The report looks at the importance of nitrogen pollution to the European environment and considers several key topics of the day, such as the overall cost of nitrogen pollution, nitrogen's impacts on climate change, how agriculture can use nitrogen more efficiently, and whether or not new air quality standards could help achieve the objectives of the habitats directive. It's a massive topic area with major implications for food security, the agricultural and chemical industries, energy generation, transport, climate change, and a range of ecosystem services from soil carbon and methane sequestration to biodiversity.

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