Issue date: 16 April 2002

Mian Har Ng, a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Art, Media and Design at UWE has won several exciting new commissions which will use her skills in filmmaking to help develop young people’s potential.

Mian Ng and her TV Company, Din Din TV, have been commissioned to produce a CD-ROM for national circulation to highlight the successes of Southmead’s Youth Sports Development Initiative. The CD-ROM will provide information and evaluation of the Initiative, which is supported by Bristol’s Youth Service and Sport England. Young people of both sexes from this housing estate are involved in football, basketball, motocross, rambling, golf, boxing and other sports and arts activities. For this CD-ROM they will be involved in creatively portraying their experience, and the benefits they gain. (Sport England is a UK Sports Council initiative).

Mian has also been commissioned by Birmingham City Council as part of the Black Arts Commissioning Programme to produce an interactive multilingual CD-ROM entitled ‘Stop, Look, Go’. The CD-ROM which will use text, moving image and animation to explore issues relating to celebration and conflict in family structures within the Chinese community of Birmingham. This project is funded by Birmingham City Council and West Midlands Arts Council. Digital artist Jesper Nors and shadow artist Yuen Sin Ng also worked on the CD-ROM.

In a third project ‘Massive Message’, Din Din will work with disabled young people in local schools in Birmingham to produce three films which challenge the stereotypes of disabled people. The young people will work with artists, musicians and model-makers and Mian as the director. The project is sponsored by the Film Council and Birmingham City Council

Mian Ng said, “These commissions will provide valuable media resources for Bristol and Birmingham. It will be very rewarding to work with people in Southmead to help spread the news of some of the very positive results for the Youth Sports Development Initiative in the area. I am also looking forward to working with people in Birmingham to build a record in film and on CD Rom of some of the issues facing the Chinese and disabled communities in the city.”


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