UWE Bristol sweeps the board for nominations at the SW Regional Television Student awards

Issue date: 09 March 2012

Media Practice and Animation students from UWE Bristol have swept the board with nominations for finalists at the South West Regional Television Student Awards. All of the finalists nominated for this year's competition, an annual event, come from UWE Bristol, this is the first time that this has happened.

'You May Now', an animation by Dane Winn and Daniel Keeble has also been shortlisted this year for a prestigious British Animation award for best student film 2012.

“It's fantastic,” enthuses Abigail Davies, Associate Head Of Department : Screen and Creative Media, “This is the first time that UWE Bristol has had winning entries in the top three for all categories in film making. We are all absolutely delighted – we have a tradition of doing well and students have won many of these awards in the past but this result is phenomenal. The work submitted this year is of an excellent standard. We can actually celebrate early as we know that UWE will actually come out on top whoever wins. Good luck to all of the student teams.”

In the Factual category the final three nominations include The Avenue to Freedom by Aodh Breathnach and Rosie Adkins; The Fountains of Caracas by Camille Britto Reale and Three Peaks: How Hard Can It Be? by Ben Appleby.

The Avenue to Freedom In November 2010 Aodh Breathnach set out to make a film about the role of hip hop in Tunisian culture, unaware of the fact that a revolution was about to happen that would transform life throughout the Arab world. He travelled from the North to the South and saw the revolution through the eyes of some of the country's most passionate hip hop artists.

The Fountains of Caracas The story of Santos Eduardo Michelena, a hydraulic engineer who embellished the city of Caracas with monumental fountains, 'The Fountains of Caracas' is the tale of one man's vision and his struggle against authority.

Summit: How Hard can it Be? Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike, Snowdon, the three highest mountains in the UK. Each year thousands of people attempt to scale the summit of these three peaks, though very few make this attempt during the winter season. The film follows three selected individuals as they attempt to climb each mountain in successive days. But with freezing temperatures, icy rock faces and gale force winds, the elements are stacked against them.

The Fiction category final three nominations are Jesse by Thom Phelan, Isaac McCardle and George Lewis; Runland by Dan Gittens and Jack O'Dowd and Will and the Worry Dolls by Max Clendaniel, Dan Gardne and Caitlin Elliot.

Jesse - Elvis is at the height of his career: sat in his backstage dressing room, in a moment of loneliness and despair, he talks to his brother Jesse.

Will and the Worry Dolls - Even though Will lives in a mundane world, he is by no means normal. Will survives his boring life with the aid of his three worry dolls who entertain him in his dreams. When he sleeps, he's able to feel like a kid again and do whatever his heart desires. It's only when Will's real life starts to crumble that his two worlds clash, as the Worry Dolls come into his universe to change his outlook on existence. Now Will must decide if his inner child can survive in reality or if he's doomed to live life to the dullest.

Runland - When their great uncle Oswald dies, Alex and Ben are both left properties. Alex is left a cottage, Ben receives a shack in the middle of nowhere. Little do they know that inside the shack is a door to another world, Runland, once a training ground for gods, now deserted... Or is it?

The Bristol School of Animation at UWE also swept the board with the Animation section - the three winning finalists films were all produced by final year BA(Hons) Animation Students in 2011. Fell by David Dymond; You May Now by Dane Winn and Daniel Keeble and Kami by Sharifah Nadia Syed Ahmad.

Fell - A series of three stories about a woman cleaning out her friend's mind, a girl and her leaves, and a red line along the floor. A film about what you see and when you see it.

You May now - a sack character exists in a simple 2D world, when he puts on 3D glasses he gets transported into an amazing 3D world.

Kami - Two brothers fight for imaginative control over their playtime. The older of the two, Ibi takes the natural dominant role in most of their playtime while the younger brother, Dodo is the loyal follower. This time, Dodo wants his imaginations to be heard as well. Each with their very own style of imagination, the two brothers fight over the one stick that represents their control. Their world changes from one world to the next depending on who's in control at the time.

Rachel Robinson, Programme Manager for BA(Hons) Animation says, “I am extremely proud of the calibre and creativity in the animated films that our students produce. Our industry partners are impressed with the standard of the work students consistently produce. The work submitted this year shows a wide range of craft skills in 2D digital, CG and cut out stop motion. Dane Winn and Daniel Keeble are both successfully employed in the animation industry. Daniel Keeble turned a graduate internship into a full time employment at Sun and Moon Studios in Bristol. We have won the regional RTS Animation award in previous years and have our fingers crossed that this year we will win the national round. ”

The winners will be announced on Wednesday 14 March 2012 at a special event at the BBC in Bristol.

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