Issue date: 19 March 2002

The University of the West of England has launched its new prospectus for undergraduate programmes for 2003/2004. Packed with over 350 courses ranging from forensic science to creative product design the UWE prospectus is essential reading for anyone who might be considering studying for a Higher Education qualification.

The UWE Undergraduate Prospectus gives a flavour of what it is like to study in Bristol by including essential information about facilities, support, accommodation and entertainment at the university and the many attractions that the City of Bristol has to offer.

UWE Publications Officer, Jo Guillaume said, “Despite the increasing popularity of the web we find that prospective students are still wedded to the idea of the prospectus. We try to make the information easy to access by for example including information about qualification requirements on the same page as the course information. This avoids frustrating flicking backwards and forwards for the information students need.

“We also include student profiles written by UWE students, giving a personal slant on their experience as a student. These student views are subject to minimal editing, so they provide a realistic snapshot of what it is like to study a range of different subjects.”

An inspirational introduction by Ellie Tourlamaine, the current Students’ Union President, highlights how UWE is committed to giving support to parents who want to study. She said, “UWE is unique. I am the only HE president with pre-school children – two of them. I began with only a qualification in mind and have ended up with so very much more. Despite the debt I have incurred as a student, my years here have been some of the most important years of my life. Only a university with the flexibility and opportunity of UWE could have turned a housewife into a student politician.”

Copies of the UWE Undergraduate Prospectus are available now – please call 0117 344 3333 for your copy.


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