Corporate Social Responsibility: Exploring an Agenda for Business and Society

Issue date: 06 December 2011

Stakeholders focus on corporate social responsibility

On 21 November, more than fifty stakeholders representing business, NGOs, district and city councils as well as UWE took part in an agenda-setting meeting on corporate social responsibility (CSR) at the ECC (UWE). The highly successful event, led by Elena Blanco, Sabine Hassler, Noëlle Quénivet, and Jona Razzaque (Department of Law, FBL) and opened by Prof Ron Ritchie (Assistant Vice-Chancellor, Diversity and Civic Engagement), sought to define an agenda to explore the role of business in society in the 21st century.

Although CSR is a central topic and increasingly on the agenda of policy makers, its focus remains on centres like London. In this light, the initiative, having received support and funding from the Centre for Legal Research, the Peace and Conflict Cluster and HEIF5, aimed to bring the debate to the South West and hopes to create a platform for communication, exchange of experiences and ideas, leadership and change. According to Prof. James Longhurst (Assistant Vice Chancellor, Environment and Sustainability), this initiative is a “very good example of UWE working in partnership”.

So far, more than 150 stakeholders have expressed their interest to engage in a series of roundtables, the first of which will be held in March 2012 on “Leadership and Values”, tailored to the issues identified at the agenda-setting meeting. The new website on this initiative will be launched soon. So watch this space!

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