Refreshed reception services for January 2012

Issue date: 19 January 2012

The University is undertaking a programme of developments in order to improve the student experience. Many of these are 'behind the scenes' enhancements to our processes and systems and some will be more visible developments.

Arriving back on campus this year you will see refreshed and rebranded reception points. On Frenchay Campus, the overall number of reception locations is reduced. However, at all the locations, you will be able to access a wider range of services.

What to expect

When you drop into one of the new “Information Points”, you can still expect to get the services that you are used to getting from your Faculty Reception or One Stop Shop. You will still be greeted by the same familiar faces, as well as getting to know some new ones. You will also be able to access a range of services for students such as Counselling, Visa Advice and Careers.

You can still see a Student Adviser by appointment just as you're used to; from now on you might see your Adviser in a different location. If you have sometimes dropped in to see your programme administrators about course matters, you may also find they are not sitting where they used to, and you'll see an Information Assistant or a Student Adviser instead. At any time if you are unsure where to find the information or advice you need, stop in at any Information Point or give us a call.

Where to find our new Information Points

Please view the following links below to find out what's on offer at each location:

Why we have made these changes

· To reduce the amount of different places you have to go to

Our staff don't want to have to refer you to another reception. Now we are increasing the number of services they can offer you, so they won't have to send you elsewhere.

· To provide longer hours of service

All the Information Points will be open 8:30-17:00 (16:30 Fridays) as standard. During term time the Information Point in D Block on Frenchay will also provide a service until 8:30pm – just drop in or call them from any Information Point for assistance.

· To help tackle queues

By working in a more flexible way we plan to try to tackle those long queues that form at busy times.

· To increase our capability to keep receptions open, staffed by knowledgeable staff

By drawing together all our Reception staff into a single team, we will increase the capability of staff to cover for each other, and keep the service running year round.

· To provide a more consistent customer service

By sharing the best of our practice and investing in training and development for the team.

· To make us future proof

As the Frenchay campus continues to develop, the new locations will make sure that students are never too far from an Information Point; we can also continue to open more Information Points as the campus expands.

· To enable us to develop more services for you

By using our resources more efficiently, we can increase the number of staff who are available to answer your phone calls and emails; so you can get help without having to leave the house.

· To support the development of other services for you

By managing our service in this way we will be best placed to support other teams in continuing to develop services like the on-line registration which has been so well-received by students and staff alike.

Contact us

Call +44 (0) 117 32 85678 or use our online enquiry service.

We would really like to hear your views and any specific comments and concerns you may have.

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