UWE experts contribute to Dept for Transport Behavioural Insights toolkit

Issue date: 23 November 2011

UWE's Centre for Transport and Society (CTS) contributed to the recently published Department for Transport (DfT) Behavioural Insights toolkit, which aims to support the design and development of effective transport initiatives.

The CTS team was involved in two pieces of research that directly contributed to this toolkit: they were invited by DfT to lead a think tank team of ten research leaders in transport, public health and energy consumption, comparing evidence on behaviour change in different sectors and providing expert views to DfT. The Think Piece, “Individual Behaviour Change: Evidence in Transport and Public Health” informed DfT in the development of the Guidance on the Application Process to the Local Sustainable Transport Fund and the early version of the toolkit. In 2011 CTS' Dr Erel Avineri was invited by DfT to provide an expert review of the toolkit, and provided inputs that improved its content and helped in shaping the toolkit.

Behavioural insights are an important component of the Department for Transport's vision for a transport system that is an engine for economic growth but one that is also greener and safer and improves quality of life in our communities. The Behavioural Insights toolkit provides a readily digestible and user-friendly guide to those responsible for transport policy and delivery initiatives, both within the Department and externally. The toolkit shows how behavioural insights can be applied in the transport context to achieve policy objectives.”

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