What is the point of Philosophy?

Issue date: 17 November 2011

Philosophers Cafe hosted by UWE Bristol graduates in Kingsdown

23 November from 19:00 '40 Alfred Place', Kingsdown, Bristol

Two graduates from UWE Bristol, Polly Theedom and Pam Marshall have organised a Philosophers Cafe to be held at the recently opened cafe and pop up venue – '40 Alfred Place' in Kingsdown, Bristol.

The question that will frame the inaugural evening of the discussion group is, 'What is the point of philosophy?' Anyone who has an interest in philosophy is welcome to attend irrespective of their experience of the big questions posed by philosophers.

Guest Speakers include Dr Havi Carel and Professor Alison Assiter from UWE Bristol, Richard Pettigrew from the University of Bristol and Jon Webber from Cardiff University.

Polly Theedom thought that it would be an interesting idea to combine her day job running '40 Alfred Place' with her interest in philosophy. She says, “Have you ever wondered what the point of Philosophy is? Do you think it is pointless? That its point is its pointlessness? Or that the unexamined life just isn't worth living? This event is a chance for anyone who is interested in finding out more and hearing a group of expert academics share their thoughts in an informal cafe setting.”

Co-organiser Pam Marshall said, “I really loved studying Philosophy at UWE Bristol and I missed the discussions with academics. We felt that this idea gave us space to continue our ongoing love of the questions and theories presented by philosophy. I currently teach philosophy to A-level students at a college in Exeter but when Polly suggested doing a philosophy cafe I jumped at the idea. The evening will be full of drinks, debate, nibbles, discussion and merriment.

Dr Havi Carel taught both graduates, she said, “This is an exciting initiative. We are delighted to see two UWE philosophy graduates engage with the local community in such an innovative way.”

The philosophy blog, explains more about the purpose of the group at www.maverick-philosophy.blog.co.uk

To book a place at this free event e-mail philosopherscafe40@mail.com

To find out more about studying philosophy at UWE Bristol see http://courses.uwe.ac.uk/V500/2012

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