Un-sustainability business conference

Issue date: 20 October 2011

ISHE recently worked with UWE's Business School, convening a challenging event on the theme of 'un-sustainability'. Presenters and delegates came from a cross-section of practice from the transport, housing, insurance and other sectors, as well as public sector procurement professionals.

ISHE researcher Tom Chambers kicked things off by presenting a provocation piece, 'Stepping away from un-sustainability', in which he critiqued the inadequacy of global actions in the face of systemic and unsustainable problems in our economic practices. He completed his talk by introducing delegates to four "magic rules" to guide the design of more sustainable practice.

Christine Storry from Bristol City Council then gave an inspiring account of how the council succeeds in pursuing sustainable outcomes through the complex web of public sector procurement. Good practice case-studies were provided on carbon calculations in the board-sports and events industries (Rick and Matt Lomax, Decarbonated), and process-mapping techniques to reduce waste (Gareth White, Business School).

The day led to many spin-off ideas, from the discussion of new business tools for the implementation of sustainable practices, to follow up events to support businesses in moving forward.

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