Issue date: 05 February 2002

The Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (CEMS) at the University of the West of England will host a visit by the Science and Technology (S&T) section from the Chinese embassy on Wednesday 6th February. The main purpose of this section is to promote high level Sino and British collaboration in science and technology and typical activities include setting up large scale research and technology projects and high level visits to and from China.

Professor Stephen Hoddell, Assistant Vice-chancellor and Dean of CEMS, said, “The University is looking to investigate research collaborations with Chinese Universities. We hope to gain an understanding of the general policy for international science and technology collaboration with China and to identify how the S&T section can help us with this. We are very keen to develop a program of research partnerships with Chinese Universities and we anticipate that these meetings will help us to identify potential partners.”

Linda Skinner, Director of the Centre for Research, Innovation and Industry at UWE said the University already has a number of links with China, "UWE has established links with China in several areas of science and technology. These involve staff working in engineering, computing, plant science and science communication. We are delighted to welcome the delegation from the Embassy of PR China and look forward to building new links."

The Chinese delegation includes the head of S&T, Chaochen Li, Minister Councillor; Jian Zhang, First Secretary; Ming Yu, Second Secretary; and Qian Wang, Third Secretary. Meetings will be held with Alfred Morris, UWE Vice Chancellor; Professor Alan Bensted, Assistant Vice-Chancellor for International Policy and Dean of the Faculty of Law; Professor Geoff Channon, Assistant Vice- Chancellor for Academic Development; Professor Stephen Hoddell; Professor Chris Irgens, Associate Dean (CEMS); Linda Skinner, Director of the Centre for Research, Innovation and Industry and Dr Quan Zhu, Reader (CEMS).


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