UWE offers special training in Women's Health issues

Issue date: 19 September 2011

The University of the West of England will be offering specialist training and support to help people who work in professions concerned with women's health. The course has been developed to help professionals gain a better understanding of specialist issues so that clients and patients are better supported.

The course will cover a diverse yet relevant range of topics including physiological processes and abnormalities of the female reproductive system, menarche and fertility; menopause and the older woman; mental health and psychosexual issues; issues around sexual health; screening for female cancers and urogynaecology; sociological and public health perspectives; and communication skills using appropriate models and/or motivational interviewing.

Pat Turton from UWE, one of the course tutors says, “This course will suit people working in primary care, the voluntary sector, public health nursing, school nursing, practice nursing, sexual health, mental health or any other field where you are providing advice and care to women of all ages. There are many health issues that are pertinent to women only and this course gives busy professionals a chance to reflect on and learn more about these specialist areas.”

The course is particularly designed to be flexible, as it is recognised that it is not always easy for people to be released from busy jobs. There are therefore only four actual attendance days. A blended learning approach is offered comprising an introductory day with specialist presentations, online learning with material students can access at their convenience, and the opportunity to use discussion boards and online tutorials.

There are two linked study days, the middle of the course to cover some aspects such as history-taking and communication which benefit from face-to-face discussions, and a final day at the end where students can share their learning. Throughout the course students have access to tutors via online communication, e-mail and phone to ensure that they are fully supported, and library and other facilities can be accessed from home computers.

Assignments will be designed so that people can link them to their personal work situations. The module carries 20 credits at either level 3 or level M, and is ideal either as a core module, or as an optional module to fit with other courses.

The module leader is Julie Williams who is an experienced tutor with a longstanding interest in women's health, and who also maintains strong links with current practice in contraception and sexual health.

Pat Turton, is an experienced lecturer in the cancer field, with additional experience in community and primary care. Other contributors to the course include colleagues with significant experience and expertise in areas such as gynaecological cancer, health promotion and public health.

The course starts in November and runs over an eight month period.

For more information please contact:

Pat Turton : Pat2.Turton@uwe.ac.uk

Telephone: 0117 32 88848

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