Come along but Do Not Disturb!

Issue date: 30 March 2011

Lisa Gaudion, a third year Media Practice student at UWE, is producing a multimedia installation in Bristol's Redcliffe Caves as part of her final project.

Do Not Disturb is a collaboration by a group of final year Media Practice students, exploring the boundary between dreams and reality in a physical experience which includes motion activated audio, projections, an interactive projection, live acting and music, set design and targeted lighting.

Lisa says: “We wanted to push the boundaries of our capabilities and explore a narrative in an unconventional way. Dreams are experiences which we commonly share with others but don't fully understand. We felt that by using the caves as a metaphor for something 'other' we would be able to submerge our audience in another world which can change and be altered - much like a dream does.”

Visitors can expect to see projected images on the cave walls, objects representing dreams lit up down long corridors, live acting and music, They will hear accounts of dreams and interpretations of dreams, cut into a fictional monologue which has the purpose of making the audience begin to question what they know about dreams and how they interpret the meaning in them.

Redcliffe Caves are usually open to the public for only two days a year and attract over 5000 visitors, so Lisa hopes to easily reach the maximum capacity of 300 for the event.

The event runs from 11-15 April 2011 with 6 shows a night starting on the hour from 17.00-22.00.

It is free to attend but tickets are required for entry to the installation. Tickets can be booked on the Do Not Disturb website

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