Inaugural prize for Graphic Design announced

Issue date: 23 June 2010

Final year Creative Arts student Rowan Caney has won the inaugural CODA Architecture Design Award for innovation in Graphic Design in a commercial editorial context.

This is the first year that the £750 prize has been awarded. The prize was set up by Amelia Taylor, former co-ordinator of UWE's Creative Arts Enterprise Office, and Ronnie Rennoldson, Director of Bristol-based CODA Architects.

On the motivation behind setting up the award, Ronnie said, "Young designers seem to be currently working in a climate of discouragement. We felt that we ought to at least offer a glimmer of hope and offer an award that recognises individual effort, innovation and uniqueness for its own sake.

"The show format, focusing on themes rather than individual work, made it extremely engaging and we were impressed by the broad range of approaches, contextual quality and graphical sensitivity to representation presented.

"We were particularly drawn to Rowan Caney's work 'The Everyday Resistance Movement Scrapbook.' It was a beautiful piece of work about the 'everyday' on a graphic, literary and cultural level, and each page was a delight."

Speaking of his reaction to receiving the award Rowan said, "It was really great to be recognised by Coda and came as quite a shock. My Scrapbook was a bit of a shaggy dog story filled with fictional contributors and events so I had no idea how it would go down.

"I set up the Everyday Resistance Movement to focus on what is often peripheral in mass media; the personal stories and efforts of our daily lives without an expert panel of celebrity judges. The book serves to inspire people to stop watching or enduring and take part; to not only consume culture but produce it themselves using their own imagination and creativity."

Rowan plans to use his prize money to fund some films that he has co-written with his brother, a graduation Animation student at UWE.

Rowan's work can be seen at the School of Creative Arts Degree Show until Thursday 24 June at UWE's Bower Ashton Campus and Spike Island. The show is open to the public 10.00-20.00 daily.

For more information please visit the website:

You can also view Rowan's work on his website:

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