Clarke Willmott and UWE announce Young Artist of the Year

Issue date: 16 June 2011

UWE student Tristan Ostrowski, has been awarded this year's Clarke Willmott Young Artist of the Year Award at a reception and exhibition hosted by the solicitors firm in their Bristol office.

This annual award aims to give new creative talent from UWE the recognition it deserves as well as an all important financial and confidence boost to our emerging artists.

Tristan, a second year Design: Process, Material, Context (D3) student, was awarded the £1000 prize for his interactive piece which is an investigation into sensory perception. He was inspired by the close association with memory and emotion that comes from the olfactory bulb in the brain and the idea that scents are linked very closely to sounds, places and people in our memories, making smell a particularly evocative sense.

His work was made up of nine scented blocks of colour and some raspberry sweets, representing Pantone's top ten fashion colours of the season. Guests at the exhibition were invited to take a sweet and to then smell each of the nine colours in turn, with the intention of tapping into the associations those fragrances carry.

Tristan's surprising and playful piece was a hit with the guests at the event who were asked to vote for their favourite work. He was surprised to have won the award, saying: “There was such a diverse range of work on show, winning the award came as a pleasant surprise. I intend to save the money towards kick starting future ventures after graduation.“

Clarke Willmott Partner, Kevin Jones, said: “Clarke Willmott's second UWE art exhibition and competition was a great success. A large number of our clients and contacts attended on the night and their feedback has been extremely positive. Once again the standard of the art was outstanding with Tristan being a worthy winner. Many thanks to the Department of Art and Design at UWE for helping put on such a successful event”.

Lucy Cox, from UWE's Enterprise Office at Bower Ashton, has worked with Clarke Willmott to take the event into its second year. She said: “External engagements for students complement and inform their academic practices and provide an opportunity to test the water in spheres outside of academia.

“Corporate or commercial settings provide a new set of challenges and it is important that our students are introduced to these environments early in their career to enable development of a strong skills base and confidence upon graduation. Developing the Young Artist of the Year Award over the past two years has been a rewarding experience all round; UWE is immensely thankful to Clarke Willmott for their kind generosity and continued support.

“Tristan is a worthy winner, demonstrating acute professionalism and vivid creative flair. His ability to engage and play with his audience will no doubt lead him into great things for the future.”

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