UWE + University of Bristol co-host international Luce Irigaray Seminar Symposium

Issue date: 23 May 2011

Luce Irigaray International Seminar

Friday 17 June @ 17.00

Verdon-Smith Room, Institute for Advanced Studies

University of Bristol

Members of the public will join students and academics from the University of the West of England and University of Bristol at a free international seminar in Bristol on Friday 17 June 2011 celebrating the work of internationally renowned Belgian feminist and philosopher Professor Luce Irigaray.

Since 2003, Professor Irigaray has held a seminar with an international group of PhD students working on aspects of her work, this symposium with Professor Irigaray and her doctoral students is an unrivalled chance to engage this provocative and interesting scholar.

Professor Irigaray is one of the most influential philosophers in the world. Her extensive body of work spans philosophy, linguistics, psychoanalysis, sociology and cultural theory, and has contributed to the development of feminist theoretical and philosophical perspectives on difference, materiality, rhetoric, ethics and the legacies of Western philosophy.

Anna Grear, a researcher from UWE's Centre for Legal Research said, “UWE is delighted to co- host the highly prestigious 2011 Irigaray International Seminar, and to build new relationships with scholars at the University of Bristol in the process. The formation of this new and fertile partnership has already produced plans for a collaborative publication on themes related to Irigaray's work, and the team have planned a series of events related to the Seminar, under the title 'Difference and Dialogue'.

“These events include a series of discussions or 'readings' of Irigaray's work and a round table, 'Reverberating Irigaray'. The round table theme will focus on 'Law, Justice and Ecology', engaging particularly with the most recent themes in Irigaray's work, and her emphasis upon the quest to build a new 'world culture' on the foundations of her philosophical vision.”

The Luce Irigaray International Seminar Symposium has been supported by UWE's Faculty of Business and Law and the Centre for Legal Research; the French Embassy and the following departments at the University of Bristol:the Institute for Advanced Studies, the Faculty of Social Sciences and Law, the Institute for Research in the Humanities and Arts, the Graduate School of Arts and Humanities and the Institute of Greece, Rome and the Classical Tradition.

Admission to the Symposium is free but places are limited. To attend, please contact Gemma Simpson at gemma.simpson@bristol.ac.uk.


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